Lace bug control on azaleas and rhododendrons

Lace Bug Damage to Azaleas and Rhodendrons
Azalea lace bug (Stephanitis pyrioides) is a relatively new insect pest in the Pacific Northwest. According to Washington State University Hortsence web site (, “azalea lace bug attacks both azaleas and rhododendrons and may cause significant damage on both. Both adults and nymphs feed on the underside of leaves. [...]

Perennial flowers with a long bloom period

Perennial Flowers which have a Long Blooming Period
Baby’s Breath
Coral Bells
Daisy, Gloriosa
Daisy, Shasta
Phlox, Summer
Poppy, Iceland
Sun Rose
Sweet Pea

Testing Leftover Seeds

Do you have some old vegetable or flower seeds laying around in a drawer or on a shelf? Do you wonder if they are still any good? There is an easy test for seeds to see if they will still germinate before it is planting time. First, check the packet to see if there is [...]

Warm and Cool Weather Annual Flowers

Below is a list of hardy (cool) and tender (warm) annual flowers.  Cool annuals are frost hardy to the mid twenties and can be planted starting in mid-March. Warm flowers can be damaged by frost at 32 degrees. They do not make much growth until temperatures reach into the 70’s. It is better to wait [...]

Designing Colorful Flower Beds

Choosing the right combination of flower varieties and colors can make a big difference in the beauty and impact of a flower bed or border.  It is important to choose flower varieties which are adapted to the amount of sun, shade and heat of the  location.  Although color choice is a matter of taste, certain [...]

Plant Bulbs Inside for Winter Bloom

Paper white narcissus bulbs are pre-cooled and ready to be planted inside without any special treatment. Paper whites bloom in clusters of tiny, fragrant, daffodil-like flowers in either white or yellow. They are often planted in bowls or relatively shallow containers with just enough gravel or pebbles to hold them upright. They can be planted [...]

Spring-Flowering Bulbs

Planting season for spring-flowering bulbs in the Pacific Northwest is early September through December. There are literally hundreds of places to buy bulbs including many good on line and catalog sources. Avoid “bargain” bulbs, which are often disappointingly small. I prefer to purchase bulbs locally where I can see the size and [...]

Plant Annual Flowers Between Bulbs

I usually plant annual flowers such as petunias, alyssum, lobelia, or marigolds in between the bulb leaves so I can have summer color where I had spring bulb color. They will not bother the bulbs which will soon be dormant. The bulbs will come up next spring the same as usual.

Flowers to Attract Hummingbirds

By Carolyn Robinson

While hummingbirds enjoy the nectar we provide for them throughout the year, they look forward to blooming plants as spring returns.  The month of May is an excellent time to begin a hummingbird garden or add to an existing garden.  Here are five plants that will attract these birds to [...]

Mulches Reduce Weeds and Improve Plant Growth

One of the best ways to reduce weeding is to apply mulch around trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. The most popular mulch material is bark. Bark is available in three different size chunks and finer sizes called bark dust. Bark can be purchased in bags but is much cheaper in bulk. If you do [...]

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