Use Rotary Lawnmower to Condense Leaves

A rotary lawn mower is an effective way to chop leaves into small pieces. If you let them fall onto the lawn, the smaller pieces will fall between the blades. You may have to run the mower over them more than once.
Leaf fragments will not harm the grass if the quantity is not too large. [...]

Landscape Remodeling

Does this landscape problem sound like yours? Seven years ago we purchased a new home and had it landscaped professionally. The shrubs were attractive for the first few years until they began to grow too wide for the walkways and too tall for the windows. Now they have lost all their individuality and have become [...]

Improving Mature Landscapes

The main problem with most mature landscapes is overgrown shrubs which no longer enhance your home or business. They may have been sheared so they are all round balls or boxy hedges. They may have lost their leaves at the bottom because of overgrown top growth. In many cases, shrubs have grown together so they [...]

Flower Beds And Borders

Flower beds and borders can be located in many parts of the landscape. In most cases, flowers look best when they have some kind of background, such as shrubs, a fence or a building. Green grass or groundcover in the foreground also helps to set flowers off. However, a flower bed in the middle of a large expanse [...]

Landscaping With Flowers

Flowers add excitement, variety, accent and color to the landscape. They are often the first element noticed in a landscape design. Sometimes flowers can be a distracting or dissonant part of a landscape if they are over used or if color combinations are not harmonious.
Warm colors such as red, orange and yellow add life and excitement. They are [...]

Easy Care Landscaping

There are a number of ways to reduce the amount of time spent maintaining a landscape. There are also ways to reduce landscape maintenance expenses. However, sometimes it requires some investment of time and/or money to renovate a landscape in order to reduce the amount of maintenance. Below are a few ideas and suggestions.
The lawn [...]