Fall Lawn Care

Fall is a very important time for lawns in the Pacific Northwest. The shortening days and cooler nights stimulate grass growth. The growth of grass roots and rhizomes (underground stems) in particular is stimulated. Additional side shoots develop, making the lawn thicker. Fertilizer added during September through November just stimulates this process. It will also [...]

Choosing Fertilizers

The best time to fertilize most permanent plants is March and April. Lawns also need a late summer or fall application.  I also fertilize anytime I plant new plants. Although there are many specialized fertilizers available, I use two types for almost all my outdoor plants. I use lawn fertilizer for my lawn, trees, and shrubs, and [...]

Spring Lawn Care

March is a good time to make your first lawn fertilizer application unless you applied fertilizer last September or October. If so you can probably wait until late May for your first application. The carryover effect of fall fertilizer application is enough to give grass a good start
If you did not make a fall application [...]

Lawn Mowing Height

One of the kindest things you can do for your lawn is to raise the mowing height up to 2 inches. This is especially helpful during hot summer weather. At higher mowing levels, grass has a larger root system and deeper roots. It has been established through repeated research results that grass roots are in [...]

Deep Wastering Is Best

Our seasonal dry period in the Pacific Northwest usually starts in June and we need to irrigate to keep plants green and growing. Automatic sprinkler systems are often set to water a few minutes every day. This only keeps the soil surface moist, encourages weed seed germination and does not reach the deeper roots. At least one half [...]

Northwest Lawns Are Irregular

The lawn is the foundation of most landscapes. Lawns generally receive the most time and attention (sometimes the majority)in the landscape. One of the best ways to lower landscape maintenance time and cost is to greatly reduce or eliminate lawns.
Grass grows naturally and easily in the Pacific Northwest. It is surprisingly true that if a [...]