Organic Gardening

Safe Organic Pest Control

There are two wonderful organic pesticides which are completely safe to use on food crops and around children, pets and wildlife.
Spinosad is a compound derived from a bacterial species originally found on sugar cane. It is an organic pesticide with uses including cat fleas as well as for agricultural food crops.
It controls a wide range [...]

Mulches Reduce Weeds and Improve Plant Growth

One of the best ways to reduce weeding is to apply mulch around trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. The most popular mulch material is bark. Bark is available in three different size chunks and finer sizes called bark dust. Bark can be purchased in bags but is much cheaper in bulk. If you do [...]

Choosing Fertilizers

The best time to fertilize most permanent plants is March and April. Lawns also need a late summer or fall application.  I also fertilize anytime I plant new plants. Although there are many specialized fertilizers available, I use two types for almost all my outdoor plants. I use lawn fertilizer for my lawn, trees, and shrubs, and [...]

Organic Insecticides

 Many gardeners like to control insects organically or naturally as much as possible to avoid dangers in handling pesticides and residues on plants. An increasing number of organic pesticides are becoming available for use.
 Bacillus thuringensis (often referred to as B.T.) is a bacteria which causes disease in insects, especially caterpillars, within two days after they [...]

Organic Gardening

Organic gardening has evolved a long way since it became widely used more than 50 years ago. So many more organic and natural products have been developed over the last few years that it has become a more practical choice. There is no question in my mind that avoiding exposure to chemical pesticides is a [...]