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Color Landscaping

Natural Pruning & Landscaping specializes in adding color to the landscape with flowering shrubs and trees, bulbs, perennial and annual flowers, and other plants with colorful foliage. We can design an entire color landscape in Vancouver WA or simply add color elements to an existing landscape. We can add color to existing beds or create or enlarge beds for flowers. We can create flower beds which resemble a natural wildflower meadow.

Annual and perennial flower beds and borders can be designed to provide a color landscape in Vancouver WA. Allen Wilson worked for a flower seed company for 10 years and spent over 20 years designing flower beds for the Brigham Young University Idaho Demonstration Garden. Several new perennial flower varieties have been developed in recent years which bloom all summer like annuals. They can be used in Vancouver WA to create a color landscape which does not need to be replanted every year.

Let us help you design or create a low maintenance landscape in Vancouver WA. Call 360-606-5437 for a free consultation and estimate.

Free Landscape Consultations & Free Estimates

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