By Carolyn Robinson

While hummingbirds enjoy the nectar we provide for them throughout the year, they look forward to blooming plants as spring returns. The month of May is an excellent time to begin a hummingbird garden or add to an existing garden. Here are five plants that will attract these birds to your yard and give colorful blooms all summer long.
The Fuschias are very hardy plants that offer profuse blooms all summer in the colors that attract hummingbirds best – reds, pinks and purples.
Next is one of my favorites: Lantana. It’s hard to choose a favorite color, so I defer to to the hummingbirds attraction to reds and oranges of the variety ‘Dallas Red’ with a bit of purple in the ‘Anne Marie’. Lantana is also very fragarant and heat tolerant. These compact plants add a punch of color and work well in containers and hanging baskets.
A bit on the wild side, the Columbine brings sparkle and delicacy to any garden, the red-yellow combination of ‘Tequila Sunrise’ and two blue varieties ‘Clementine Blue’ and ‘Winky Purple-White’. A walk in the woods in my own backyard is the feeling I get with these beauties.
Sages not only feed the birds, the leaves make a great addition to a summer fruit salad. The Pineapple Sage ‘Freida Dixon’ has a lovely scent and watermelon colored flowers, is cold hardy and blooms well into the fall. The compact ‘Honeymellon’ Sage is fast growing cold hardy and has the intense red tubular flowers that no hummingbird can resist.
(from newsletter of Flora & Fauna Nature Company,