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Landscape Consultation

natural-landscape-design-in-vancouver-wa-13Allen Wilson is available in Vancouver WA for free personal landscape consultations by phone, email or on your property. Landscape problems can often be solved on the spot with specific recommendations. On site consultation can help you formulate your ideas on landscape improvements. Over 50 years of landscape education and experience are available for your specific needs.

Areas of Landscape Consultation in Vancouver WA

Tree Health and Evaluation

natural-pruning-and-landscaping-1We evaluate trees for storm damage, liability insurance valuations, tree repair and replacement evaluations, and tree pruning and removal estimates. Our tree consultation in Vancouver WA can include written evaluations for insurance claims and law suits. If your trees have been damaged by outside sources, we can provide the cost estimates for tree repair and/or replacement.

Our tree consultation in Vancouver WA includes checking for insects and diseases on the leaves, branches, bark, and root problems. Our tree evaluation in Vancouver WA also includes checking for internal damage caused by storm damage or burrowing insects. We can give recommendations for pest control or in most cases apply pest controls. Pest control methods include foliar sprays, soil application and bark injection.
Tree consultation in Vancouver WA also includes checking for nutrient deficiency symptoms such as chlorosis. Nutrient deficiencies can be corrected by granular or liquid soil applications, foliar spray applications or bark injections.

Lawn Consultation in Vancouver WA

We do free landscape consultation on lawns in Vancouver WA to assess problems such as soil drainage, nutrient deficiency, weed, insect and disease damage. We can provide specific services such as lawn mowing and trimming, fertilizer application, weed control, insect control, and disease control. We can also provide cost estimates for damage repair or replacement. Our lawn restoration system is very reasonably priced. Damaged or deteriorated lawns can be replaced for about 20 to 25 % of the cost of resodding. We also provide services such as lawn aeration and dethatching.

Landscape Design Consultation in Vancouver WA

Our free Landscape design consultation in Vancouver WA includes evaluatiing existing lawn, trees, shrubs and other plantings to determine whether they need some help to enhance their health or beauty. Do overgrown shrubs need to be pruned or replaced? Would some fertilization or pest control improve health and appearance.

Landscape design ideas can be suggested including adding, moving or replacing specific plants. Our knowledge of plant requirements and performance in Vancouver WA gives us an advantage in selecting plants for specific landscape situations and climate requirements.

Free Landscape Consultations & Free Estimates

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