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Natural Pruning and Landscaping provides quality landscape installation in Vancouver WA with full guarantee of plant survival. We are a local company in Vancouver WA where you deal directly with the owner in all landscape installations. With over 50 years of experience in landscaping and knowledge of all aspects of landscaping and horticulture, we can solve almost any landscape problem and provide a landscape installation with reasonable maintenance costs. Our experience in landscape maintenance in Vancouver WA helps us to design and create landscapes with reduced landscape maintenance costs. We are also capable of designing and creating landscapes with special features such as landscapes without lawns and landscapes with extensive color. We take brush covered waste areas and develop wild flower meadows.

We specialize in landscape renovation and landscape remodeling. We can restyle and replace completely or move, replace or add plants and features so they will better enhance the beauty and utility of your home or business. Have your plants been pruned into unnatural shapes? Have they outlasted their usefulness or overgrown windows and walkways? Would you like to have a larger hard surface for outdoor activities? Would you like to enhance the views from your windows or make your landscape more attractive to visitors and clients? Would you like a raised bed vegetable garden to grow your own salad vegetables and herbs?

With our extensive knowledge of plants and their requirements in Vancouver WA, we can help you select the best adapted plants for all landscape installation situations. We do landscape installations in Vancouver WA with water features, irrigation systems, pavers, decks, walls and fences.

Let us do a free assessment of your landscape and help you generate ideas and solve problems. Small jobs are always welcome.
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Free Landscape Consultations & Free Estimates

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