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Landscaping with Wild Flowers

landscaping-with-wild-flowers-6Natural Pruning & Landscaping in Vancouver WA specialize in using wild flowers and native flowering shrubs to create wild flower landscapes. Our wild flower landscaping in Vancouver WA can take waste areas covered with weeds, brush and blackberries and create wild flower meadows with native flowering shrubs, flowering perennials and wild flower seed.

There are a scores of native flowering shrubs and wild flowers which are available at local specialty nurseries. These plants have been started from seed collected in the wild and grown into small plants in containers which can be readily transplanted into landscapes. Wild flower seed mixtures specially selected for the Northwest climate are also available. These wild flowers can be mixed with native grasses which are short growing to develop the appearance of a wild flower meadow.

These “wild flower meadows” require a minimum amount of maintenance. Little or no mowing is required. With proper plant selection they thrive without irrigation or fertilization and can even be planted in wet, poorly drained areas. Some weed control is needed to get them established. We can provide this once or twice yearly weed control using efficient, inexpensive spray techniques.

Wild Blackberry, Brush and Weed Removal

We are experts at blackberry and brush removal. We have all the methods and skills necessary to get rid of these unwanted plants. We use both cultural and spray techniques to remove and retreat areas to keep them continually weed and brush free. There is no need to live with wild blackberries. Let us do the dirty work and get the scratches.

Let us take your problem areas and develop them into showplaces. Weed control is dirty unpleasant work. We have personnel with both the tenacity and skills to make short work of brush, blackberries and weeds.

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Free Landscape Consultations & Free Estimates

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