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Lawn Restoration in Vancouver Washington

Natural Pruning & Landscaping has a unique lawn restoration system in Vancouver WA which delivers new sod quality lawns at a fraction of the cost of resodding. Our 5 step process takes a poor quality lawn and produces new sod quality in 8 weeks or less (4 weeks in the summer) Typical cost is about 30% of a newly sodded lawn.

Lawns in Vancouver WA and surrounding areas are typically irregular. Grass grows naturally and easily in the Pacific Northwest. It is surprisingly true that if a patch of ground is mowed regularly, you will have a lawn within a few months without planting any seed or sod. However, this “natural” lawn will be a mixture of colors, textures, leaf widths, and growth habits with lots of weeds.

Most home owners in Vancouver WA want a lawn which is uniform in texture and color. If it has more than one variety of grass, they should be of compatible leaf width and color. Most lawns planted from sod or seed in the Pacific Northwest are predominantly perennial ryegrass. Perennial ryegrass is well adapted and makes the most attractive year round green lawns.

However, because of the wide range of natural grasses growing in fields, roadsides and untended areas, seed is continually blowing in and contaminating our uniform ryegrass lawns. It takes a great deal of time and effort to remove these “wild” grasses because they are not easily removed with selective weed killers like dandelions and other broadleaf weeds. So some form of lawn restoration is needed in Vancouver WA after a few years.

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Our 5 step process of lawn restoration in Vancouver WA:

  1. Spray to kill all existing grass and weeds. After one week:
  2. Scalp mow grass to ½ inch.
  3. Overseed with a machine which creates furrows in the soil and places the seed in these furrows. The machine also removes thatch at the same time.
  4. Fertilize with a high quality long lasting fertilizer which feeds for 2 months
  5. Mulch with compost to help the soil retain moisture

3 Unique New Lawn Seed Blends for Lawn Restoration in Vancouver WA

We use 3 unique and exclusive seed blends which are specially adapted to Northwest growing conditions. Most grass seed blends sold in the Pacific Northwest are varieties developed for eastern and mid-western climates (because they are cheap and readily available). They deteriorate under wet, cloudy, northwest winters.

  • Pristine Lawn ™ is a pure perennial ryegrass blend which contains no other grasses with a different texture. Pristine Lawn is a unique genetic combination selected in the Pacific Northwest which is completely resistant to Roundup and phenoxy weed killers. Yearly application of these weed killers will completely eliminate off-type invaders. Under regular fertilization and irrigation practices, Pristine Lawn maintains its thick, pure, uniform texture.
  • Carefree Lawn ™ is a slow-growing blend of low maintenance ingredients which thrives under low maintenance practices. Carefree Lawn requires less than half as much water, fertilizer, and mowing as typical lawns. Carefree Lawn looks greener and thicker than the typical patchwork quilt northwest lawn even under a low maintenance program. The unique genetic blend of Carefree Lawn includes grasses which naturally grow slower than perennial ryegrass and mature at a lower height. Carefree Lawn thrives under poorer growing conditions such as sloping and shady areas.
  • Shady Lawn ™ is a blend which includes most of the same varieties as Carefree Lawn, with one added super shade tolerant strain. It will grow better under deep shade conditions than any other lawn seed blend available.

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