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Low Maintenance Landscapes & Reduced Lawn Landscapes

low-2Natural Pruning & Landscaping is expert at creating or modifying existing landscapes to reduce the time and cost of maintenance. We have created many low maintenance landscapes in Vancouver WA by reducing or eliminating lawns and changing them to ground covers or mulched beds. This reduces or eliminates weekly mowing time. Without lawns, natural landscape design elements are easily incorporated to give a different look and feel to the landscape. Changes in elevation and design lines can create a more natural landscape look. Replacing overgrown plants which require regular pruning with smaller plants sized to fit the landscape situation greatly reduces pruning costs. When appropriate plants are used, there is very little need to prune them because they mature to fit the location where they are planted. With our extensive knowledge of landscape plants we can use plants which fit each landscape situation.

Low maintenance landscapes in Vancouver WA are developed by creating mulched beds around tree and shrub plantings that makes them much easier to maintain. If grass is allowed to grow up to trunks or under branches of trees and shrubs, it is difficult to trim. Also trimmers and mowers will damage the bark on trees and shrubs. A mulched area around trees and shrubs also helps reduce weed growth and lower maintenance costs. Weeds are easier to control with weed preventers. Mulch also reduces soil compaction so that water penetration and nutrient absorption are improved. Because grass and weeds compete with trees and shrubs for water and nutrients, mulching also increases the growth rate of other plants.

Let us help you design or create a low maintenance landscape in Vancouver WA. We can provide a simple landscape sketch at very reasonable cost.

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Free Landscape Consultations & Free Estimates

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