The lawn is the foundation of most landscapes. Lawns generally receive the most time and attention (sometimes the majority)in the landscape. One of the best ways to lower landscape maintenance time and cost is to greatly reduce or eliminate lawns.

Grass grows naturally and easily in the Pacific Northwest. It is surprisingly true that if a patch of ground is mowed regularly, you will have a lawn within a few months without planting any seed or sod. However, this “natural” lawn will be a mixture of colors, textures, leaf widths, and growth habits.

Most home owners want a lawn which is uniform in texture and color. If it has more than one variety of grass, they should be of compatible leaf width and color. Most lawns planted from sod or seed in the Pacific Northwest are predominantly perennial ryegrass. Perennial ryegrass is well adapted and makes the most attractive year round green lawns.

However, because of the wide range of natural grasses growing in fields, roadsides and untended areas, seed is continually blowing in and contaminating our uniform ryegrass lawns. It takes a great deal of time and effort to remove these “wild” grasses because they are not easily removed with selective weed killers like dandelions and other broadleaf weeds. Some lawn owners reseed their lawns annually to keep them more uniform.

For most of us, a variety of shades and textures is acceptable, and we accept a lack of perfection.