Old raspberry canes which bore fruit during the summer can be pruned off right at the ground any time from late fall until spring when new growth starts. Some gardeners like to wait until spring to make sure they are not removing canes which will produce fruit next year. It’s easy to tell first-year canes from second-year canes. First-year canes have green stems, while second-year canes have a thin, brown bark covering them. The old canes become brittle and will not produce new leaves next spring.

Everbearing varieties produce a second crop of fruit on the new growth which ripens August through October. Everbearing raspberries will produce another crop of fruit on this year’s new growth next year. You can extend your raspberry harvest by planting one of the everbearing varieties which bear fruit both earlier and later than the standard single crop varieties. ‘Summit’, ‘Brandywine’ and ‘Golden’ are 3 good everbearing raspberry varieties.

If you would like help pruning raspberries, give me a call. I can prune them for you or teach you how to prune them yourself. There is no charge for an estimate.