Natural Landscape Design

Natural Pruning & Landscaping uses natural landscape design principles to develop natural looking landscapes which fit the natural, informal style which surrounds us in the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in landscape remodeling and renovation. We can restyle and replace completely or move, replace or add plants and features so they will better enhance the beauty and utility of your home or business. Have your plants been pruned into unnatural shapes? Have they outlasted their usefulness or overgrown windows and walkways? Would you like to have a larger hard surface for outdoor activities? Would you like to enhance the views out your windows or make your landscape more attractive to visitors and clients? Call 360-606-5437 or email for free estimates and consultations.

What is Natural Landscape Design?

            Natural landscape design is an informal style of landscaping which tries to emulate the natural environment which surrounds us. It avoids formal design elements such as symmetry, straight lines and formal geometrical shapes such as balls and boxes. Some aspects of natural landscape design include:    

  • 1. Avoid straight lines. Gentle curves look more like Mother Nature had a hand. Place plants in odd numbered groups such as 3, 5 and 7 using zig zag or cluster arrangement.
  • 2. Select plants which mature at the right size for their location. Space plants according to their mature size to avoid overcrowding.
  • 3. Avoid shearing plants into unnatural shapes to keep them below windows or away from walks.
  • 4. Change elevations and contours to avoid a flat look.
  • 5. Reduce lawn areas and replace with beds, ground covers and natural mulch.
  • 6. Use natural organic pesticides and fertilizers whenever possible

Color Landscaping

Natural Pruning & Landscaping specializes in adding color to the landscape with flowering shrubs and trees, bulbs, perennial and annual flowers, and other plants with colorful foliage. We can design an entire landscape or simply add color elements to an existing landscape. We can add color to existing beds or create or enlarge beds for flowers. We can create flower beds which resemble a natural wildflower meadow. Call 360-606-5437 for free estimates and consultations.

Low Maintenance and Reduced Lawn Landscapes

Natural Pruning & Landscaping is expert at creating or modifying existing landscapes to reduce the time and cost of maintenance. Weekly mowing costs are reduced or eliminated when lawns are changed to ground covers or mulched beds. Without lawns, natural landscape design elements are easily incorporated to give a different look and feel to the landscape. Call 360-606-5437 or email for free estimates and consultations.