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tree-service-vancouverNatural Pruning and Landscaping provides for all aspects of tree health in our tree service in Vancouver WA. Trees are examined carefully to determine whether insects, diseases or soil conditions are affecting growth. The whole tree is checked by our tree service in Vancouver WA, including the root system, structural branches and leaves or needles.


Our granular and foliar nutrient application methods provide nutrients wherever the tree needs them.


Irregular growth caused by inappropriate pruning can be corrected by proper tree service in Vancouver WA. For example, when large branches are arbitrarily shortened or topped, trees produce multiple, rapidly growing sprouts which are weakly attached and easily broken by the wind. Our tree service in Vancouver WA removes most of the extra branches so that the remaining branches are strong and healthy. Our tree service in Vancouver WA shortens branches by pruning just above a side branch which is at least 1/4th the size of the branch being pruned. Growth is directed into this branch, rather than developing multiple sprouts.

Root Health

Our tree service in Vancouver WA carefully examines the root system to determine whether there are problems with poor drainage or root girdling. Girdled roots can cause limited anchor root development which makes trees subject to toppling.

Insects and Diseases

Our tree service in Vancouver WA checks for insects and diseases such as leaf spot, rust and mildew. Treatment can include injection and soil drenching as well as spraying of pesticides. Systemic pesticides can be applied which are translocated from the application site through the tree’s circulation system. Whenever possible, natural organic pesticides are used. Leaf clean up can also help prevent spores from infected leaves being transferred to new growth.

Our tree service in Vancouver WA checks for nutrient deficiency symptoms which can be corrected with either soil or foliar fertilizer application. Yearly tree fertilization is timed so that nutrients are available before new growth begins. Proper fertilizer balance provides for balanced growth of roots, branches and leaves.

In addition to one time service for specific tree care needs, Natural Pruning & Landscaping offers 3 different tree and shrub maintenance packages

  1. Lawn, tree and shrub fertilization (3 granular applications per year).
    Typical home: $65 per application, $195 per year. (Compare this to liquid application service of $245 per year for lawn fertilization only)
  2. Full tree, shrub and bed service which includes pruning, fertilization and pest control (no mowing).
    Typical home: $65 per month
  3. Complete landscape maintenance which includes all of the services in the 2 above options plus lawn care.
    Typical home: $180 per month

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Free Landscape Consultations & Free Estimates

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